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The Age of Olympus
Duncan Forrester Mystery – Book II
Gavin Scott

Titan Books
28 April 2017/ ISBN 9781783297825

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Following on from his adventures in series opener The Age of Treachery, Duncan Forrester has travelled to Crete with Countess Sophie. His mission is to collect and study the stone he found during the war while he was there on another, very different mission; a stone which could decipher the ancient Cretan language. But Duncan soon falls in with old wartime companions and acquires several new missions, including discovering the identity of a mysterious enemy and finding a murderer.

Exciting doesn’t even begin to describe this page-turner; a real adventure story penned by the author of TV series “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.” If you enjoyed Indy’s exploits, this is somewhat in the same vein, but with detecting and some interesting history, both real and invented, thrown in. Set in 1946, the recent war is casting some very long shadows and Greece’s rejection of its monarch and possible communist sympathies make a fascinating and unusual backdrop to a thrilling, pacy story. Some people might call it a Boy’s Own adventure, but although it is certainly in that style, in some ways it is very much a modern novel with some strong female characters and a sensible, contemporary answer to at least one problem. Although more than one person in this clearly got plenty out of their wartime adventures, the woes caused by the war are also keenly felt. It is an upbeat book, but one with plenty to ponder on as well. I will now have to wait a whole year for the third volume. Very highly recommended as one of the best historical mystery series currently around.

Reviewed 2017