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And Then He Was Gone
Joan Hall Hovey

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November 22, 2016/ ISBN 9781772999303
Mystery / Amateur

Reviewed by Jen Oliver

And Then He Was Gone introduces readers to Julie, whose husband, Adam, went missing. Adam was well known in the area as the local carpenter who built amazing home furnishings. There were rumors running from: he left Julie for another woman, to he was murdered. Julie received a message from her psychic aunt that Adam was killed. This set Julie off to find out the truth behind her husband’s disappearance.

There is a side story that deals with David, a man who is recovering from a traumatic incident and his older brother Rath, who is a well-known real estate agent. How are these characters connected and will Julie find the real truth behind Adam’s disappearance?

Overall, the premise of And Then He Was Gone is solid, however there are many glaring errors throughout the book that take away from the enjoyment of the mystery. The characterization of Julie is average, her strong point being that she stands behind her husband’s work and makes a point of acknowledging it when she can. She is a stronger woman than she feels she is in regards to searching the truth. The story of David adds background to some characters, which shows the element of how evil a person can be.

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