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At What Cost
Detective Penley Mystery
James L’Etoile

Crooked Lane
December 13, 2016/ ISBN 9781629539959
Mystery / Police Procedural

Reviewed by Jen Oliver


At What Cost reintroduces readers to John Penley, and introduces readers to his new partner, Paula Newberry, who has her own set of issues that seem light in relationship to Penley’s. They are on the track of a serial killer who is harvesting organs and leaving bodies scattered. There are, at first, some interesting connections between the victims, but later on, Penley is hit on a personal level. The killer knows about Penley’s son and how he needs a kidney transplant. Will Penley be able to save himself and his son before the killer strikes again or will he give in to the temptation of saving his son by any means necessary?

At What Cost is a fast-paced mystery with enough twists to make it interesting, and each character seems to play their role and is effective. However, there are some medical procedures and policies that have left me scratching my head. Like why weren’t certain people tested to see if they were a match for others instead of the sick child placed on the transplant list? The story takes place in West Sacramento, but could take place in almost any decent sized city.

Overall, At What Cost is a worthwhile read, and most mystery fans will enjoy it and its fast-paced readability. I will be looking forward to catching up on L’Etoile’s other mysteries.

Reviewed 2017