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Black & Blue
Detective Harriett Blue #1
James Patterson, Candice Fox
Read by Federay Holmes

Hachette Audio
12/13/2016/ ISBN 9781478968313
Detective / Australia / Audiobook / A BookShots Short Story

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James Patterson and Australian author Candice Fox (Crimson Lake) team up for a new BookShot series that takes place Down Under. Black & Blue is the first in series. The main character is Detective Harriet Blue. Like the rest of the detectives, she’s following the Georges River Killer case. The killer is targeting University women and dumping their bodies. Sydney Metro Homicide is handling the case and everyone on the department wants in on it. Detective Harriet Blue finally has a chance at the task force, but someone wants to keep her out. When Detective Blue shows up at the murder scene, Detective Barnes is already there, and he’s doing some pretty disgusting things with the corpse. Barnes is the walking embodiment of career suicide. Harriet wants the case, but she doesn’t want to be anywhere near the toxic Detective. Barnes’s reputation was damaged long before his career in law enforcement, and Harriet has her own sad story to tell. Both their stories unfold throughout the storyline. Professionally, Harriett likes to take things in her own hands when justice isn’t served, and Barnes has his own way of solving a case. The Georges River case is complex and working it together tests their detective skills and their trust. If the two survive, they just might work out well after all.

Black & Blue is written in first person with Australian actress, Federay Holmes, narrating as Detective Harriet Blue. There are two threads, the Georges River killings and a missing older couple. The River killer thread moves at a quicker pace than the secondary one. Harriett is written as a strong lead character and Barnes is odd, but smart. Black & Blue gave me everything I wanted in a short story. It's short story suspense at its best. I think Patterson has pulled off another successful Bookshot series.

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