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Blood Red, White and Blue
Mary McGill Canine Mystery – Book III
Kathleen Delaney

Severn House
1 July 2017/ ASIN: B0716HZ12L

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Santa Louisa in California is enjoying its 4th of July celebrations, but before the day is over a dead body will mar the festivities. Mary McGill was only talking to the man a short time before, a stranger in town with an Alsatian dog and an interest in jewelry. Mary soon discovers more about the man and gets embroiled in the investigation as well as trying to find a home for the dog.

This is the third book and, as somebody who has read the first two, I recommend starting at the beginning. As with a lot of cozy mysteries – and series in general – part of the enjoyment lies in finding out what the characters are up to. Santa Louisa is a typical idealized small town where everybody knows everybody else (or at least their business), and the relationships between the characters are one of the strengths of this series. Dog lovers will find plenty to enjoy, and if you are mostly here for the mystery like this reviewer, you will also enjoy this main aspect of the book with red herrings aplenty and a good teasing plot. This is not a romance, there are no crazy parents (or crazy anybody else), hot policemen or supernatural elements, just good company and lots of detecting. Recommended for anybody who likes a straight cozy.

Reviewed 2017