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Blown Away
Kite Shop Mystery #1
Clover Tate

February 7, 2017/ ISBN 978-0-425-28354-7

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Emmy Adler is excited to be in Rock Point, Oregon, where she’s opening a kite shop named “Strings Attached.” She’s living with her best friend since childhood, Avery, when tragedy strikes.

While on a walk on the beach with her dog, Bear, Emmy discovers a body! It’s a murder victim, and he is Miles Logan, a chef who Avery had dated and the relationship had ended recently, and suddenly. Because of this, and because Avery was seen at the docks and blood is found on her family’s boat, Avery is arrested as the murderer! Emmy knows in her heart that Avery is not a killer and sets out to find the truth, thereby upsetting the local police and riling up the real killer. Avery had better watch her back, or she could be next!

There are a lot of different mystery series these days, and I imagine it’s difficult for authors to come up with new concepts, yet Clover Tate has done just that! A kite shop is a unique and interesting setting and even as I was enjoying the murder mystery and the characters of Rock Point, I found myself intrigued by details about kite making.

Featuring colorful characters, colorful kites, and a cleverly plotted storyline, Clover Tate has given mystery readers everywhere a delightful new series to sink their teeth into. Highly recommended!

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