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Bone Box
Decker/Lazarus Novel # 28
Faye Kellerman

William Morrow
February 27, 2017/ ISBN 9780062424969
Mystery: Police Procedural

Reviewed by Jen Oliver


Bone Box showcases Rina Decker, wife of police Detective Peter Decker, finding some human remains while hiking in the woods near five colleges. Soon after, more remains are found. Decker and his partner Tyler McAdams begin the search of a possible serial killer hitting too close to home. Peter eventually has to ask his wife to use her job connections (she works at the colleges) to help get closer to a killer. Will Decker and McAdams find out whodunit before another person is killed?

Bone Box contains a lot of filler conversations between husband and wife and between partners that do not add to the mystery or the solving of the murders. The murder case itself had plenty of suspects and twists and turns to make it a pretty interesting case. I liked the fact that the victims were from slightly different times and had the same connection; just shows that some people never change over the years. The setting of where the remains were found were standard, but the fact that it was near five separate colleges was interesting.

Overall, if you are a fan of Kellerman’s books, you will enjoy Bone Box. For new readers, just to get a history of Rina and Peter Decker, I would start at the beginning of the series and read in order. You could read it and not be missing much on previous cases that Peter worked, but it will help in understanding the dynamic of Rina and Peter.

Reviewed 2017