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Bookman Dead Style
Dangerous Type Mystery #2
Paige Shelton

February 7, 2017 / ISBN 978-0425277263
Cozy Mystery / Amateur Women Sleuths

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Glamour and excitement come to Clare Henry’s hometown when the Star City Film Festival arrives, complete with movie stars and paparazzi. Matt Bane walks into The Rescued Word, a shop where her grandfather Chester repairs typewriters and Clare repairs old books. Clare feels an immediate connection with the movie star superhero. When Matt is later accused of murder, Clare believes he needs a friend and she’s willing to play the part.

Clare convinces her good friend and cop, Jodie, to let her visit Matt in jail. Matt wants to know why his manager, Howie, has failed to get him an attorney, and later asks her to attend a secret party and study the other members of the film crew for anything suspicious. Matt’s request spurs Clare to do her own investigation.

Meanwhile, her daily activities at The Rescued Word take several exciting turns: First, Clare’s geologist friend Seth brings in ribbon tins he was given by a friend. When several ten-thousand dollar bills are discovered in one of the tins, Chester hides the money while Clare calls Sean to get the original owner’s name, especially after a stranger tries to claim the funds. Then a young man delivers a large shipment of old typewriters, wondering if a local polygamous family can use them. This introduces one of two new characters: Linea Christiansen, a “sister bride” who went to school with Clare and Jodie. Then five elderly brothers from Germany visit the shop, asking if the youngest, Adalwulf, could learn about restoration. Adal is destined to become Clare’s apprentice.

I love Shelton’s characters and exciting plot, especially the growing romance between Clare and Seth, and his willing assistance in Clare’s investigation. Bookman Dead Style is a highly entertaining and multifaceted whodunit with a good dose of mystery, intrigue and just the right touch of romance.

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Note: Paige Shelton is the New York Times bestselling author of Dangerous Type Mysteries, Farmers Market Mysteries, and Country Cooking School Mysteries.

Linda Morelli is the award-winning author of Fiery Surrender, Shadow of a Doubt, and Lani's Challenge.
Reviewed 2017