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The Bourne Imperative
Jason Bourne #10
Read by Holter Graham
Eric Van Lustbader, Robert Ludlum™

Hatchette Audio
July 5, 2012/ ISBN 1611134528
Thriller / Audiobook - Unabridged 12 CD: 13 hours 52 min

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt 

I have seen all the Jason Bourne movies and found them full of action and speeding right along to an impactful and surprising end. I listened to this audio with the same interest and enthusiastic anticipation of a Bourne adventure fan. Unfortunately, this just did not pack a wallop.

The narration is monotone and dull. The narrator’s voice is not well matched to the exciting content of the story. The action is complicated by numerous flashbacks and while viewing on the big screen, might have been easier to follow. But, because it was being read, it took more concentration to get hooked. It lacks that advantage. Listening to a CD that involves many twists and turns takes concentrated effort. If the reader does not have use the right tone it can throw the listener off. This happened to me and I found myself drifting. Although the storyline is well written, the monotone narration lacks intensity and modulation.

Again, Bourne is born into action when he rescues an amnesiac from freezing waters. He is then thrust into an espionage journey when he meets Rebeka, a Mossad agent. She is determined to find his identity and together they search for the secret before they are both killed. Yes, this is reminiscent of previous episodes in Bourne’s heroic life and it is growing tiresome. But, if you are a diehard Jason Bourne fan, you may find this last one a new adventure into Bourne territory or just another one to add to your shelf. I will let you be the judge.


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