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Cheddar Off Dead
Undercover Dish Mystery, #2
Julia Buckley

September 6, 2016/ ISBN 9780425275962
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth/Women Sleuth/Culinary

Reviewed by Katrina Wiese


Caterer and undercover cook Lilah Drake must put her holiday cheer on hold in order to help pin down the person who shot Santa Claus in the parking lot of the school where she was making an undercover delivery. And to makes matters worse, it seems the person may have seen Lilah. To keep herself safe, she must team up with her former fling, Detective Jay Parker, to help bring the murderer to justice and get back to her holiday fun.

It seems I was late to the game with this series, but only by one book. Cheddar Off Dead is the second book in the Undercover Dish mystery series, a cozy mystery series built around the story of Lilah Drake, a caterer and undercover cook, who helps people out by delivering her gourmet meals on the sly and allowing her clients to take the culinary credit. The mystery itself was well written and kept me guessing with lots of misdirection and intrigue. Also, can we talk about Lilah's canine companion, Mick? He steals the show, if you ask me, and I can't wait to see him in further books! I also enjoyed the interactions between Lilah and Jay, there is just so much delicious tension between them! Really, all of the characters in this book are extremely well written and fun to get to know. Overall, Cheddar Off Dead was a thoroughly enjoyable dish of a book with all the right ingredients to create a winning recipe of a story. Also, don't forget to dive into the recipes at the back of the book!

Reviewer Notes: Also writes the Writer's Apprentice Mystery series

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