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Chord of Evil
Phineas Fox Mystery – Book II
Sarah Rayne

Severn House
31 August 2017/ ISBN 9780727887412
Mystery / Wartime Suspense

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Music researcher Phineas Fox attends his noisy neighbor, Tony’s, party and agrees to help him find his missing cousin, Arabella. In her flat they discover a gift from her godfather, Stefan, a painting of the enigmatic Christa Klein. She was the long dead sister of Stefan, but was she truly a murderess? And who was the victim? Old sins cast long shadows, and the pair will have to travel to Wewelsburg Castle in order to solve the mystery.

I enjoy the works of authors like Kate Ellis and Elly Griffiths, whose novels combine secrets of the past with crimes of the present. If you too enjoy this type of story I can recommend Ms Rayne’s new series, which starts with Death Notes (also reviewed on this site.) Here Phin must discover what a legendary piece of music has to do with the painting and wrestle with some contemporary criminals. Running alongside Phin’s investigations is the wartime story of the Klein family, whose tragic tale shows how Jews were persecuted, and the evil acts performed by the Nazis. It all makes for compelling reading, and in this second entry we also get properly introduced to Tony, who makes an amiable and lively foil to Phin. Unfortunately although Ms Rayne is adept at creating interesting characters, this does not extend to her protagonist, and Phin remains elusive and something of a cipher. I will certainly be looking forward to the next in this series, which is shaping up nicely and makes ideal reading for long winter evenings.


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