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A Crime of Poison
Silver Six Crafting #3
Nancy Haddock

December 5, 2017/ ISBN 978-0-425-27574-0

Reviewed by  Laura Hinds

Nixy (Leslee Stanton Nix) runs the Handcraft Emporium along with the Silver Six, a group of retirees who live in Lilyvale, Arkansas. It is October and time for the Fall Folk Art Festival which brings in crafters from far and wide, and many tourists hoping to get some bargains and holiday shopping done.

Cornell Lewis is working at the hot dog stand, “Gone to the Dogs” run by Dexter Hamlin. Neither man is on anyone's nice list. Both are troublemakers with nasty dispositions and a tendency towards violence. Yet Cornell claims that he is a changed man. That's he is sober and trying to make amends for his past. A past which included a lot of grief for many people who used to live in the apartment complex where he worked. When Cornell is found dead, two members of the Silver Six are accused. Matters are made worse when Dexter Hamlin is also murdered. Yet because of their pasts, there are plenty of other suspects in the killings, but Nixy has to try to find the truth before the new detective in town slams the jailhouse door on Maise and Aster, the two Silver Six ladies suspected of the crimes.

There are many interesting characters to be found in Lilyvale. Nixy's pets, T C the cat, and Amber, the dog, are both self-rescued (meaning they found Nixy when they were homeless) are smart and funny, and Nixy's cop boyfriend, Eric is a romantic hunk. The Silver Six are personable and a formidable group to deal with.

With plenty of small-town charm, lots of love, crafts, food and a well-plotted mystery, I found myself turning page after page, going through chapter after chapter and enjoying every minute.

I recommend this to anyone who especially loves a southern mystery featuring senior citizens, a generational connection, and beloved companion animals.

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