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The Darkness Within
Inspector Faro and Rose McQuinn Mystery – Book I
Alanna Knight

Allison and Busby
23 March 2017/ ISBN 9780749021177

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Inspector Faro and his family are gathered in Orkney for the funeral of his daughter Emily’s husband Erland Yesnaby. While they are there, the royal yacht appears nearby and they witness some odd happenings when a passenger goes overboard and drowns. When two local men are attacked, and a long-lost relative comes to stay, it seems that something odd is going on and family members might be in danger of their lives. It is up to Faro and Rose to work together and avert more trouble.

This is the first in a new series featuring Ms. Knight’s two sleuths. At its heart is a family reunion where everybody meets up and readers are reminded of what has gone before. All this takes up the bulk of the book, and I found myself wishing for more mystery and less back story. Anybody starting this author’s books with this title would disagree with this, but despite this being the start of a new series, the best place to start is still with the first Faro book. Reading about all the characters reminded me of what an enjoyable experience it is getting to know all the various people in the series, and despite the slow pace, rest assured that there is always something going on. From the mysterious happenings aboard the yacht to the denouement in Edinburgh, the two sleuths are put through their paces to learn exactly what is going on before it is too late. Getting up to date with the relationships of the characters is always an important feature of any long-running series and is particularly well done by this author.

Reviewed 2017