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Dead and Berried
Cranberry Cove #3
Peg Cochran

May 2, 2017/ ISBN 978-0-425-27455-2

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Cranberry Cove is abuzz with bees. Bees brought in to pollinate the cranberry crops at Sassamanash Farm. After the beekeeper’s assistant, Lori Wenk, is murdered people are on edge. Monica Albertson decides to follow the clues to try to uncover the killer before someone else is hurt.

I enjoyed my visit to Cranberry Cove and getting to know its characters. Monica is smart and independent, and I had no doubt that she’d solve the crime. The book was a nice escape on a rainy day, and I am glad I read it.

Unfortunately, though, I’d pegged the killer almost immediately, which took a bit of the joy away for me. It was a small clue that gave it away, and perhaps most readers wouldn’t catch it, but I’ve read enough mysteries that it stood out like a sore thumb.

If you enjoy a good cozy mystery with interesting characters and a well-plotted mystery, then this is the book for you. There are some delicious looking cranberry recipes as a bonus at the back of the book, too!


Reviewed 2017