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Death in Dark Blue
Writer’s Apprentice Mystery #2
Julia Buckley

05/02/17/ ISBN 978-0425282618

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Lena London has settled into life as assistant to well-known and respected Camilla Graham, Lena’s favorite mystery suspense author. Their first collaborative novel is published, naming Lena as co-author, a momentous event for her, but life in Blue Lake, Indiana, is far from peaceful.

Lena discovered proof that Camilla’s neighbor, Sam West, did not kill his wife. As a result, Taylor Bland, a blogger who has been accusing Sam of that act, apologizes to Sam online and intends to do so in person. The later discovery of Taylor’s body in the woods beside Sam’s house brings suspicion and a horde of reporters, but fortunately police detective Doug Heller agrees with Sam and Lena that someone is framing Sam for Taylor’s death. A sudden call from a stranger leads Sam, Lena, Doug and Camilla to believe Victoria may be held prisoner on a yacht, sparking yet another race to find her. It also introduces Belinda Frailey, a research librarian, whose skills lead to some very important discoveries.

Lena and Camilla have become steadfast friends, and Lena’s developing relationship with Sam adds just the right spice to warm the heart. The love relationships don’t stop there, for Camilla has a love interest in the restaurateur, Adam, and Doug develops an attraction to Belinda. I love mystery series that have romantic sub-plots and, in this case, means more releases I can enjoy in the future.

While I would suggest reading the first release, which introduces the main characters. The author has done an excellent job in smoothly incorporating the backstory in this second release to make this second release stand on its own merit. What I love most about this series are the author’s sympathetic characterizations and well-developed, engrossing plots. Death in Dark Blue is a magnificent, fast-moving and thrilling mystery that kept me enthralled and left me wanting more.

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NOTE: Julia Buckley also writes the Undercover Dish Mysteries.

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award-winning author of Fiery Surrender, Shadow of a Doubt, and Lani's Challenge.
Reviewed 2017