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Death of a Nurse
Hamish Macbeth Murder Mysteries – Book XXXII
M C Beaton

Constable (Constable and Robinson)
28 February 2017/ ISBN 9781472117397

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Wheelchair user James Hamilton has retired to an old Victorian hunting box and employs the beautiful Gloria Dainty as his nurse. When Hamish Macbeth calls on the old man, he asks her out on a date, but she never turns up. At least not alive, because her body is found soon afterwards washed up on a local beach. Meanwhile Hamish has a new constable to get used to and people are starting to comment on his cat…

This is the thirty-second entry in this series and still very much full of variety, humor and all the things that make this such an entertaining set of books. Hamish ponders on why the over-large constable Charlie seems to have all the luck with women and even people in general, and runs up against old and new characters. As usual, this is a story spread over several months with red herrings galore and something happening on every page. Authors of fatter, wordier novels could read this and learn a thing or two as Ms Beaton is adept at conveying a lot in just a few well-chosen words and cramming a lot into a few pages. This always makes me feel as though I have read a far longer book and leaves me satisfied that I have been well entertained. It is true that this is a somewhat far-fetched and larger than life look at life in the Highlands owing more to things like Whisky Galore and Para Handy than real life, but this is a large part of its charm. The tone ranges from the satirical to the heartwarming via some laugh out loud and even black humor, giving the reader a lively, roller coaster ride of a cozy mystery. More please...

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Reviewed 2017