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Death Overdue
Haunted Library #1
Allison Brook

Crooked Lane
October 10, 2017/ ISBN

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Carrie Singleton is ready to leave Clover Ridge, Connecticut, where she’s been visiting her Uncle Bosco and her Aunt Harriet. Carrie has the wanderlust gene, inherited from her father. She’s worked at several libraries and always felt the urge to move on.

This time, she’s offered a job as the head of program and events, which are right up her alley. There is even a resident ghost who is on her side and eager to help her learn about the job, and later to help her solve the murder of retired homicide detective, Al Buckley. Al is murdered at the very first library event Carrie hosts! He was prepared to tell people that, after many years, he had solved the murder of Laura Foster, who had been a library aide.

There are so many good things about this book! The premise drew me in right away. I mean, who doesn’t love a book about a library, a ghost, and at least one or two murders?

I found the plot easy to follow, yet never once did I feel convinced that I knew what the outcome would be. More than once I set the book down for the night, only to turn on the light and pick it up for just one more chapter.

This would be an awesome Halloween read for the casual reader, or great for an October book group.

From the first page to last, I was entranced by the characters and setting, and highly recommend it to all mystery lovers – especially if you have a penchant for libraries and ghosts!

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