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Desert Remains
Gus Parker and Alex Mills
Steven Cooper

Seventh Street Books
October 10, 2017/ ISBN 9781633883536
\ Mystery: Police Procedural

Reviewed by Jen Oliver 

Desert Remains has Detective Alex Mills searching for a possible serial killer. This killer has been attacking victims and leaving their bodies in desert caves. Mills is under tremendous stress in trying to find this killer and with situations on his home front. Mills asks Gus Parker, a medium who has helped Mills in the past, for his assistance. Parker has visions, some which make no sense at the time, about the deaths and eventually finds himself in an unsafe situation. Will Parker survive? Will Mills be able to figure out who the killer is in time?

Desert Remains is a typical police procedural mystery with a little twist with the use of a medium in helping solve the case. Mediums have been written and utilized in solving crimes before, but what was interesting is that Parker had his own little medium team that he used and bounced ideas off of in order to help Mills. The bond between Mills and Parker seemed realistic in the nature of a detective using a citizen for assistance. The plot itself was interesting in having the use of desert caves and Native American artifacts in use.

The only thing that I would change is that the ending was slightly predictable, which might have been Cooper’s purpose. A kind of story where the reader knew what was going on and was seeing how the detective solves the case. Desert Remains is a fun and enjoyable mystery where the idea of using mediums is respected and not looked down upon. I would recommend this for any fan of modern day detective mysteries.

Reviewed 2017