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Design for Murder
Murder She Wrote # 45
Jessica Fletcher, Donald Bain & Renee Paley-Bain

March 7, 2017/ ISBN 978-0451477828
Mystery/Women Sleuths/TV Series

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


I enjoy the TV Series “Murder She Wrote” primarily because there’s no violence, but features an intriguing mystery solved by a charismatic author who manages to unravel the most perplexing of crimes. The books, like the TV shows, are refreshing and involve interesting topics with entertaining characters and murder plots that are not so easily solved.

This is the case in Design for Murder. In this release, Jessica heads to New York to visit her nephew Grady and his family. Grady arranged for a production company to film the fashion show of one of his clients, Sandy Black, the same show Jessica visits to meet with her friend, Maggie. Maggie’s son Sandy is a high fashion designer now going by the name Xandr Ebon. During the show, Jessica and the other attendees witness the sudden and unusual death of one of the young models. After Detective Kopecky arrives to investigate the death, he learns who she is and mentions she was his dead wife’s favorite author. As the investigation progresses, his focus appears to be more on romance than on solving the murder. When a second model is murdered, Jessica does a bit of snooping herself, while avoiding the detective.

The world of fashion design is not an easy one: the grueling competition, the fast pace of runway modeling and the importance of backers. The authors did an excellent job in revealing the realities of that business, while providing a creative and fascinating mystery and a bit of romantic interest. For me, the fun was seeing how Jessica managed to spot the important clues that kept the plot moving and exciting until the murder is solved. Design for Murder is one of the more creative and exciting plots I’ve read in a while, and thoroughly enjoyable.

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Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2017