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Detective Cross
Alex Cross #24.5
James Patterson
Read by Ty Jones

Hachette Audio
05/02/2017/ ISBN 9781478974390
Suspense / Police Procedural / Bookshots / Audiobook – 3 hours/3 CDs

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks  


A City on Edge…. Fears of more to come….” -- Detective Cross

In Detective Cross, we’re reminded that Alex is suspended pending the trial, so instead of detecting, he’s treating patients. This novella puts Cross’ wife, Bree center stage. Bree is now Chief of Detectives (Cross the Line #24) because Alex turned the promotion down. Bree receives an anonymous call about a bomb – an IED. The bomber keeps in contact with Bree but does contact another family member, at one point. Alex is aware a military veteran may be the anonymous caller and takes this into account when working with his patients. One Vet he treats is Kate; a former dog handler who lost her dog and team in the Middle East. She takes a personal interest in Bree’s case. Another patient is a near deaf Vet, recently fished out of the fountain while carrying a gun. As the case moves along, the FBI brings Alex in as a consultant to help Bree. Towards the end, the two work to reveal the bomber.

Detective Cross is a complicated mystery with plenty of twists for a short story. It’s also an emotional listen as we are reminded of the cross our veterans bear when they come home. As always, Patterson gives us some memorable characters and I’m betting we’ll see Kate in a future storyline.

Actor Ty Jones narrates his first Patterson novel and does it well. His narration fuels the heart pounding suspense, especially when Bree has less than an hour to find the bomb. It’s a notable narration, without a doubt.

Reviewed 2017