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Earthy Remains
Commissario Guido Brunetti #26
Donna Leon

Atlantic Monthly Press
April 4, 2017/ ISBN 978-0802124807
International Mystery & Crime

Reviewed by Rick Morelli


Donna Leon's Earthly Remains is the latest installment of the Commissario Brunetti police procedural novels that take place in contemporary Venice and its environs. As with all her previous novels, Donna Leon presents a view of Venetian life that is different from the vision presented to tourists visiting Venice. In this glamorized tourist paradise, crime does occur and Guido Brunetti sets out to solve the crimes, while dealing with the realities of living and working in Venice today.

In this installment, Brunetti feigns a heart attack during an interview with suspect regarding a suspicious death. As a result, he is granted a leave of absence to recuperate even though the doctors find nothing wrong with him. He decides to take time off to be alone and relax in a villa in one of the Venetian lagoon islands. In due course, there is another unrelated suspicious death of a man that leads Brunetti on a quest to determine the cause of the death.

This release brings out the shadier side of Venetian-based economic activity, and the personal and ecological consequences of questionable business practices. The daily nuances of living and working in Venetian islands are described with details that reveal Leon's deep knowledge and appreciation of local Venetian life and mores, creating for the reader insights rarely available to the American public.

Donna Leon’s novels are character driven. Leone takes the reader through daily pulse of life as Brunetti works his way around the Venetian lagoon islands to solve the crime. The sounds, smells and local cuisine of Venice still jump out of the pages, creating a variable treat to the senses that sets this and all her novels apart from the typical contemporary crime novels.

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Earthly Remains #26










Reviewed 2017