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Eaves of Destruction
Fixer Upper Mystery #5
Kate Carlisle

November 7, 2017/ ISBN 978-0399586460
Mystery / Cozy / Amateur Sleuths

Reviewed by Linda Morelli  

Lighthouse Cove’s Victorian Home and Garden Tour is approaching and contractor Shannon Hammer has her hands full fulfilling the wishes of rival homeowners, each determined to win the large cash prize. One of the homeowners is Petsy Jorgensen, who is snappish and difficult, and looks down on Shannon and her crew. Shannon acquires several new hires to help with the jobs, especially her new hire Amanda Walsh, who is wonderful at carving and restoring the damaged wood panels at Petsy’s home. But it seems Amanda has an ulterior motive in wanting to work with Shannon on Petsy’s old Victorian home: one that deals with her remarkable resemblance to a painting hanging in the Jorgenson home.

Unfortunately, building inspector Joe Scully keeps popping up at the sites where Shannon works, trying to prevent her – and other contractors – from completing their jobs. When he shows up dead, there are more than enough suspects. But when another death occurs, Shannon calls in her friends and her love interest, MacKintyre Sullivan, to help find the killer before someone else dies.

Eaves of Destruction is an intriguing mystery with lots of action, suspects and surprises that kept the plot moving and had me turning the pages at a fast pace. Shannon is a strong and independent woman who loves her job and works well with the male contractors, yet shows her feminine side in the way she cares about her friends and coworkers. Her intelligence and curiosity shines through each page, which is revealed though her reactions to the surprising twists in the plot. This novel is the latest release in a wonderful series, but can stand on its own as a very satisfying and exciting read indeed.

Notes: Kate Carlisle is also the author of the Bibliophile Mysteries. Her Fixer Upper mysteries will soon be a Hallmark Movies and Mysteries original.

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