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Familiar Motives
Witch's Cat Mystery #3
Delia James

October 3, 2017/ ISBN 978-0-451-47659-3

Reviewed by Laura Hinds 

Portsmouth, New Hampshire is home to Annabelle Britton and her cat, Alistair. Anna has discovered that she is from a family of witches and that Alistair is her familiar, a magical being in his own right.

When the local veterinarian, Ramona Forsythe, who specializes in special pets, is murdered, Anna and Alistair step up to find the killer. This is a killer who has most likely also cat-napped Ruby the Attitude Cat who is the most famous cat in town. Whether the motive is financial gain from Ruby's spoke-cat status for a pet food brand or something more sinister regarding the local witches and familial feuds, it is obvious that danger lurks around every corner.

What a fun book to read around the Halloween season! I always enjoy a good mystery with a cat involved, but when it is an exceptional cat I'm over the moon and plugged right into reading the book from cover to cover. Author Delia James tells a story that is easy to lose yourself in with an atmosphere filled with suspense, original characters, and a believable mystery.

This is a special series, and I recommend that you treat yourself to all three of the books. I predict it will be a long-lived series as I see the opportunity for many intriguing plots to come!

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Reviewed 2017