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French Fried
Ethnic Eats #2
Kylie Logan

June 6, 2017/ ISBN 978-0425274897
Mystery / Cozy / Culinary / Women Amateur Sleuths

Reviewed by Linda Morelli 


Laurel Inwood, who was a personal chef to a Hollywood megastar, is working with her 'Auntie' Sophie Charnowski, at Sophie’s Terminal in Hubbard, Ohio. Laurel expected a white napkin restaurant, but instead found a dive that she slowly turned into a successful ethnic restaurant. Sophie’s friend, Rachel “Rocky” Arnaud, who was involved in the 60s and 70s peace movement, now grows herbs and specialty vegetables used at the restaurant.

Sophie, Rocky and Laurel gather at the Book Nook to hear Aurore Brisson, the French author of Yesterday’s Passion, speak. But after Rocky reads passages from the book, she publicly accuses Aurore of stealing the novel from her friend who recently died. The next day, at a celebration, a Statue of Liberty expert, Andrew MacLain, appears to speak. When Rocky sees him, she grows pale and takes off running. A short time later, Rocky is found dead.

Declan Fury, Rocky’s attorney, has more than a passing interest in Laurel. They both wonder if Brisson wanted Rocky silenced. Then again, why did Rocky run when she saw MacLain? Did the noted expert have something to do with Rocky’s death?

I felt Laurel’s struggle with her desire to return to the life of a personal chef, telling herself she can’t get involved with Declan, and as she tries to fight the connections that draw her to Sophie, the restaurant, and especially Declan. I could feel her deep emotional struggle. Declan is a loveable Irish charmer, and the secondary characters of Sophie and policeman Tony add depth to a wonderfully wrought mystery.

French Fried is a delicious novel featuring savory French food and exciting mysteries. The touch of romance was a delightful bonus. Though this is the second release in the series, I barely noticed. I was hooked from the beginning and savored every page.

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Reviewer’s Notes: Kylie Logan is the national bestselling author of The League of Literary Ladies Mysteries and the Chili Cook-Off Mysteries.

Reviewed 2017