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Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes
Edited by George Mann

Titan Books
31 October 2017/ ISBN 9781783299324

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Readers of Sherlock Holmes stories invariably expect Watson to be the narrator, but what if one of the other characters told the tale instead? Following on from last year’s Associates of Sherlock Holmes, here are another fourteen short stories that give a voice to a selection of characters featured in the original Conan Doyle canon.

The first volume contained stories told by most of the more major characters such as Lestrade, Colonel Moran and Irene Adler. Moriarty was surprisingly absent, but he is in here telling the first tale and Mrs. Hudson makes an appearance too. Elsewhere Irregular Wiggins is involved in a docklands case, Inspector Gregson discovers why a blind man needed a pair of spectacles, Sir Henry Baskerville tangles with another beast on Bodmin Moor, Langdale Pike reveals his true identity and even Toby the dog from “The Sign of Four” lends his nose to solve a crime. Other tales make use of more obscure characters such as Lord Holdhurst, who gets to discover if a possible visitor from Mars is bona fide, Violet de Merville investigates a haunted school and Lucy Hebron narrates a tale set in the 1950s. Each tale has a short introduction describing the person chosen as the protagonist and why they were selected in the words of the author. I found the quality to be very even and it is hard to choose favorites, but Mark A Latham’s Langdale Pike story and Michelle Ruda’s spooky school investigated by “Illustrious Client” Violet de Merville were both particularly enjoyable. Thinking of the many characters in the original canon, there are so many with stories to tell that I hope next year might see a third volume of these tales. Most enjoyable.


Reviewed 2017