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A Ghostly Light
Haunted Home Renovation #7
Juliet Blackwell

Berkley Prime Crime
June 27, 2017/ ISBN 978-1-101-98935-7

Reviewed by Laura Hinds 


Mel Turner is excited that she’s been hired to renovate a historic lighthouse in the San Francisco Bay. Maybe she’ll catch a break this time, and get through a renovation without any ghosts or any dead bodies. Dream on, Mel! Of course there will be ghosts and of course, someone will be murdered! The only question that remains is who is scarier, the living or the dead?

Once again, Juliet Blackwell has given readers a gem of a mystery novel. The setting of a lighthouse on Lighthouse Island lends itself to a good ghost story, and a variety of new and eccentric characters populate the story, as well as favorites from the previous books in the series, including Mel’s family, boyfriend, and her beloved Dog.

Mel was given the job to have her team at Turner Construction rehabilitate the lighthouse and keeper’s home into a B&B by her friend Alicia, who works for the ultra-rich, and aptly named Ellis Elrich. When Alicia’s abusive ex-husband, Thorn appears on the island, Mel sees the panic on her friend’s face. Shortly thereafter, Thorn is both stabbed and then takes a fall down the tower steps where he lands as a dead man. Now, after having already seen a woman ghost jump from the tower window, and the ghost of a little boy, Mel has a third ghost to contend with, and a friend who is the chief suspect in the murder of her ex-husband.

I devoured this book over the course of a weekend. The lighthouse setting and the ghosts are a natural fit, and the plot was finely tuned. I never guessed the outcome of who the killer turned out to be, or to the resolution of any of the sub-plots.

This is a real winner of a mystery! I recommend it as a must-read. It would be great for a beach book, or if you prefer to stay inside in the cool air conditioning, when you have plenty of time because you won’t want to put it down!

Reviewed 2017