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The Ghosts of Misty Hollow
Ghost of Granny Apples # 6
Sue Ann Jaffarian

12/ 6/ 2016/ ISBN 978-0425282083
Cozy Mystery / Supernatural / Ghosts

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Bestselling mystery crime writer Gino Costello has rented a haunted farmhouse on Massachusetts historic property, Misty Hollow, to write his latest book, one incorporating ghostly spirits. Gino’s and Emma’s daughters are friends, though the two adults have yet to meet. Aware that Emma Whitecastle is a spiritual medium, Gino asks Emma and her fiancé, Phil Bowers, to visit. Upon their arrival, Emma senses several ghosts but only sees the spirit of Blaine Brown, whose family originally owned the house in the early nineteenth century. Blaine asks Emma to help locate the bodies of his brother and sister, who have been missing for years.

Not long after Emma and Phil arrive, Gino and his wife, Vanessa, argue and she leaves. Then Gino’s assistant, LeRoy, also disappears. Fortunately, Granny Apples, the ghost of Emma’s great-great-great grandmother Ish Reynolds, arrives to add snappy humor to a serious situation and help communicate with the ghosts. The mystery deepens as Emma and Phil investigate and learn that many children went missing over a century ago. Emma becomes determined to find the bodies of the missing children, for the tragedy touches Emma’s heart. She knows that until the bodies of the children are found, Blaine and his family can’t obtain closure or pass over.

The Ghosts of Misty Hollow is a delightful mystery that combines my favorite things: a solid mystery, wonderful paranormal elements, well-developed characters, and good laughs provided by a delightfully sassy Granny Apples. Emma is a strong character who understands spirits and fights to help them. She and Phil obviously have a wonderful relationship, while Gino and his wife are just the opposite. In fact, Vanessa is hiding a secret, and Gino’s assistant, LeRoy, is not the person he pretends to be. These latter characters add additional interest to a solid mystery that kept me glued to the pages and wanting more.

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