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Grace to the Finish
Manor House #8
Julie Hyzy

Berkley Prime Crime
June 27, 2017/ ISBN 978-0-425-28163-5
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Grace Wharton, heir to the Marshfield fortune, and working as curator and manager of Marshfield Manor, has entered into a business relationship with her roommates, Bruce and Scott. She is the silent partner of their wine shop, Amethyst Cellars, which is moving into a new building, the Granite Building, which has been empty and bank-owned for several years.

As they go to check on the building, they discover the crumpled body of Virginia Frisbie, the banker who was facilitating the sale of the property. She was at the bottom of the stairs and it quickly becomes evident she was murdered! Grace, having a knack for solving murders, resolves to uncover the truth so that Bruce and Scott’s plans don’t fall victim to the shadow of an unsolved murder.

To make matters worse, Grace’s unstable and criminally inclined sister, Liza, is being released from prison early, and she plans to come and stake her own claim to Bennett Marshfield’s fortune. Grace, of course, vows to spare Bennett from any of her sister’s demands, but things get worse when Aunt Belinda, who has agreed to help Liza get settled, arrives early and in cahoots with Liza.

As usual, Grace is competent and a fast thinker. Yet as she juggles investigating the murder, dealing with her sister and aunt, she finds herself unable to figure out her own love life. Will Dr. Joe Bradley ever open up to her, or should she get involved with handsome banker Neal Davenport?

This is a well-paced and carefully plotted mystery that hits all the points of a true cozy while not being in the least bit predictable. I’ve enjoyed every book in this series, and this latest entry did not disappoint.

A first- rate read, I highly recommend Grace to the Finish to cozy lovers everywhere. You do not need to have read any other books in the series to enjoy this one, but they are all excellent and I am happy that I read them in order. Treat yourself to all eight this summer!

Reviewed 2017