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Hark the Herald Angels Slay
Year-Round Christmas Mystery #3
Vicki Delany

November 28, 2017/ ISBN 9780425280829
Mystery/Cozy / Holiday: Christmas in July theme

Reviewed by  Laura Hinds

It's Christmas in July in Rudolph, NY, an upstate town where they celebrate the Christmas spirit all year. Santa takes his summer vacation in Rudolph and the tourists come to see him and to start their shopping early and keep the merchants happy.

There is extra excitement when staff from the magazine “Jennifer's Lifestyle” arrive in town to do a feature story. Shopkeeper Merry Wilkinson is thrown for a loop though, because she used to work for the magazine and left heartbroken when her ex-fiancé Max Folger had unceremoniously dumped her for Jennifer's granddaughter, Erica Johnstone. Max is part of the contingent who comes to town, and he tells Merry that he wants her back and never stopped loving her.

When Max is murdered in Merry's office, of course, she's going to be a prime suspect. Yet she has many witnesses as to her whereabouts at the time of death, but the pressure is on to find the real killer before Christmas in July is ruined.

Once again, Vicki Delaney has brought a fictional holiday-themed town to life with a well-crafted plot and believable characters. Family, friends, romance, jealousy, greed and murder are all contained in this story and I recommend it as a fun read any time of the year. It would make an excellent Christmas gift for your cozy mystery loving friends and family. Don't forget to get your own copy, too!

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Reviewed 2017