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Mitchum #1
James Patterson, James O. Born
Read by Wayne Pyle

Hachette Audio
January 3, 2017/ ISBN 1478968052
Mystery / Private Investigator/ Short Story / BookShots Series / Audiobook – 2 hours and 4 minutes

Reviewed by  Brenda Weeaks


In Hidden, Patterson and Born introduce a new BookShot character named Robert Mitchum. He seems very nondescript. He delivers newspapers in Marlboro, New York with his dog, Bart Simpson. He’s a Navy veteran who failed Navy Seal training, and the reason is kind of humorous. Mitchum is average looking and overweight. He can be tough, funny or sensitive when needed. He seems to be taking life easy when most people are working hard to make ends meet. He gives a little insight on why, and I’m guessing he’ll address his late fiancée in a future mystery. We meet his friends and family, as well. His brother, Natty (Nathanial), is drug dealer. His mother is strong and can handle both her sons.

In this mystery, Mitchum is looking for his 14-year-old cousin, Baily May. Mitchum first searches out an old school friend, Timmy Jones, with the Sherriff’s office When Mitchum gets a little information from a waitress, he launches out on his own. He discovers it’s a long and deadly path to the reality.
What starts out as a small town storyline broadens and shows what happens when the outside world intrudes and causes mayhem.

Mitchum’s first-person narration keeps the reader/listener involved. Dialogue is smooth and easy to follow. For a short story, the authors offer enough information about each character to keep the reader/listener clued in. Hidden is an impressive introduction to a new character. James O. Born is the author of Bill Tasker and Alan Duarte series. He has co-authored other BookShot titles, as well.

Reviewed 2017