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The Hostess with the Ghostess
Haunted Guesthouse #9
E.J. Copperman

Crooked Lane
January 9, 2018/ ISBN 978-1-68331-450-9

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Alison Kerby's life has been a series of misadventure after misadventure since she bought the Haunted Ghosthouse on the Jersey Shore. Her guests are frequently a group of senior citizens traveling with the company Senior Plus Tours. When Alison was knocked on the head while renovating the house, she discovered that she is able to see and hear and interact with ghosts. There are actually ghosts who reside at the Haunted Guesthouse and over time, they've helped her to solve several murders.

There's an interesting twist in this story when resident ghost/private investigator Paul Harrison's recently murdered brother Richard shows up looking for Paul, and Paul is off seeing the world through ghostly eyes. Richard seeks protection for a female client of his law practice who has been charged with the murder of her step-father. Alison is able to get Paul to return, and together, along with a cast of ghostly and mortal characters, they begin to unravel the trail to the truth of who killed Richard Harrison and Keith Johnson.

The close bonds between the living family Alison has and the ghosts who have become family to her and to her daughter and mother who can also interact with them is fascinating. I've come to know and enjoy each of the individuals over the course of the series and liked having a family-member ghost come to seek help from his brother Paul. Author Copperman has a way of bringing each ghost “to life,” so to speak, so the readers want to know more about their pasts and lives.

In this case, with two murders happening and those being investigated being so sneaky and off-putting I found myself not caring who the actual killer or killers were, but rooting for the team to solve the crimes before any more of the living entered the realm of the ghosts I did not figure this one out until the author was ready for the big reveal. That's always a huge factor in my endorsing a mystery.

You don't want to miss The Hostess with the Ghostess if you like a good solid mystery with a great cast of characters and a healthy dose of humor! There's even a ghost dog in the family!

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