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Killer Chef
James Patterson, Jeffrey J. Keyes
Read by Ari Fliakos

Hachette Audio
11/01/2016/ ISBN 9781478968030
Suspense / New Orleans / Detective/Chef / Short Story / Audiobook – 3 CDs / 2.5 hrs

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Killer Chef is a short story by co-writers James Patterson, Jeffrey J. Keyes. Actor Ari Fliakos gives Caleb Rooney his voice. Fliakos’ narration fits right in with New Orleans.

It’s 10pm in the French Quarter. A film crew is filming a romantic thriller, while Killer Chef Caleb Rooney is creating his famous Dark & Stormy sandwiches in a food wagon bearing a skull & crossbones. Caleb and his ex-wife Marlene are working madly to fill orders when Caleb is called to Decatur Street and a double homicide. Caleb ends up at Patsy’s Restaurant, owned by one of his ex-girlfriends, and it looks like the victims suffered food poisoning. Homicide detective Caleb is officially on duty. The Killer Chef gets caught up in a deadly balancing act as he tries to solve multiple murders and keep his food truck in business.

Killer Chef is one of Patterson’s many short stories. Patterson and Coauthor Keyes are able to cram full-bodied characters and a complex storyline into a two and a half hour audiobook. As I listened, I realized the City of New Orleans is more than just a backdrop, its Caleb’s partner. I’m hoping Killer Chef is the beginning of a new series.

Reviewed 2017