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A Knightsbridge Scandal
Flora Maguire Series – Book III
Anita Davison

Aria Fiction (Head of Zeus)
1 March 2017/ ASIN: B01N41BAR8

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Following the events covered in the last title (Murder At Cleeve Abbey), Flora Harrington is in London staying with her father. The first night she arrives she sees a man and woman arguing, and later the woman’s body is found. Flora is determined to discover who she was and is soon embroiled in a mystery involving suffragettes and the assassination of a Baltic king.

This is one series where reading the books in order is particularly important. If you have not read the earlier two books, do so before reading this one. Apart from the murder, some of the book deals with Flora’s uneasy relationship with her father, who is a busy man mostly missing during her stay. Perhaps it is not surprising that she turns sleuth again and, together with her maid, starts trying to discover the identity of the dead woman. There are some enjoyable descriptions of life in London of 1903 as Flora attends the theater, shops and attends suffragette meetings. This was the time when the more peaceful movement was about to turn militant under Mrs Pankhurst and we get a look at how the earlier group was viewed. As usual, Ms Davison writes an entertaining tale with plenty of investigating and red herrings aplenty that keeps the pages turning. This series is certainly not about to be mired in one setting, as Flora so far has investigated on board ship, in the house where she grew up and now in London. Varied settings and a changing cast of characters keep the stories interesting and there are still things about Flora’s background we don’t know. This is shaping up to be a series to look forward to as each new title comes out.

Murder on the Minneapolis (Book I) has been reissued by Head of Zeus under the new title Flora’s Secret.

Reviewed 2017