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The Last Place You Look
Kristen Lepionka

Minotaur Books
June 13, 2017/ ISBN 9781250120519
Mystery: Private Investigator

Reviewed by  Jen Oliver


The Last Place You Look introduces readers to Private Investigator Roxane Weary. Roxane is hired to find Sarah Cook, a blond woman who disappeared fifteen years ago, by the sister of the convicted killer of Sarah’s parents. The convicted killer, Brad Stockton, had claimed his innocence, but now that he’s scheduled to die, he isn’t as helpful. Can Roxane get through her own personal hell in order to find out what truly happened to Sarah and her parents or will Brad be forced to die for a crime that he might not have committed?

Roxane Weary is an interesting character whose cop father died in the line of duty recently and she, along with her grieving mother and annoying brothers, are trying to move on over his death. She also has a romantic past that allows her to connect with a witness but it isn’t necessary in the scope of solving the whereabouts of Sarah.

The concept of Roxane’s missing person case having a connection with one of her father’s cases is interesting but seems a little farfetched. It is written in a way that makes it work. Roxane’s character, along with the sub characters, are written interestingly and keeps the readers wanting to learn more about their histories and how they intertwine with each other.

Overall, The Last Place You Look has all of the elements of a good mystery and has interesting characters. This reader looks forward to more novels by Kristen Lepionka.


Reviewed 2017