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The Legacy of Deeds
Sherlock Holmes
Nick Kyme

Titan Books
24 October 2017/ ISBN 9781785652066

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

1894: Sherlock Holmes is bored with no case to occupy him so Watson decides to cheer him up with a trip to see Swan Lake. This has the opposite effect until the girl playing the White Swan is found murdered on the stage. Shortly after the pair is called to an art gallery to investigate the murder of a whole group of people who are found lying dead beneath a strange and eerie painting. How do these events connect with the apparent suicide of a teacher at a remote school?

Throw in a visiting Russian grand duke, a mutilated corpse, a mysteriously agile figure in black and a fencing aficionado and you have a thrilling yarn. There are enough bizarre events in it to make it a typical Holmes novel, as well as a fast pace and plenty of surprises. Parts of it are rather far-fetched, but you can say the same about the original stories, and the way all the various strands come together is rather neat. Holmes is his usual inscrutable and mysterious self and anybody who enjoys the stories ought to find plenty to entertain in this novel.

Reviewed 2017