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Mitchum #2
James Patterson, James O Born
Read by Wayne Pyle

Hachette Audio
02/07/2017/ ISBN 9781478969747
Mystery/ Private Eye / Short Story / BookShots Series / Audiobook


Reviewed by  Brenda Weeaks


Malicious opens with Robert Mitchum heading to Newburgh and the bar where his big brother, Natty (Nathaniel), works. Natty is a drug dealer, but he’s also Mitchum’s brother. Family is family, and Natty needs help. Mitchum defends Natty and helps him get away from the thugs in the parking lot. One of those thugs killed Petey Stahl, another drug dealer, and they’re trying to frame Natty. Petey was a high school friend the Mitchums. So far, the pros in Natty’s case would be Mitchum taking his case. The cons would be Natty’s affection for the new widow, the two thugs who want him dead, and a bartender hiring an attorney for him.
Mitchum’s next step is checking up on Petey’s murder. A detective updates Mitchum on the case, then offers him a job with the Newburgh police. The same detective shows up later to arrest Natty and thanks Mitchum for giving him the idea. Mitchum pushes forward with the case to clear his brother’s name.

Malicious is a strong second in series. The storyline is easy to follow, and the authors delivers clues in just the right places. The key to this series has to be the main characters. Robert Mitchum is a likable character. The other characters and the small town feel keep the story light even though the subject matter is sometimes strong.

The Mitchum PI series is one of the best BookShot series.

Reviewed 2017