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Much Ado About Murder
Shakespeare in the Catskills #3
Elizabeth J. Duncan

Crooked Lane
November 7, 2017/ ISBN 978-1-68331-325-0

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Charlotte Fairfax, costume designer for the Catskills Shakespeare Theater Company, is back in the middle of a new production, and with it, a new murder mystery.

This time around, British actress Audrey Ashley demands that the director be replaced with British director Edmund Albright. Albright comes on board with his own vision for the company to perform Much Ado About Nothing as a Civil War-era production, which upsets everyone from Charlotte to members of the cast. It doesn't take long before Albright is found dead, and although it appears to be a suicide, Charlotte is convinced it is murder.

With a list of suspects in hand, Charlotte sets out to find who had the means, motive and opportunity to commit the heinous crime. At the same time, she's balancing getting costumes ready for the production, dealing with a cast member with personal problems, and yet another new director with his own moods and demands.

This series continues to be enjoyable with a solid core cast and the unique opportunity to bring in a whole new “cast” for each different play. It was nice to catch up with Charlotte and her beau, Ray Nicholson, who is the local chief of police. Canine companion Rupert is also along for the ride, as well as several other characters from the first two books.

If you have read this series before, you won't be disappointed by this new entry, but if you have not, this is a fine read as a stand-alone book.

I highly recommend this as a traditional cozy mystery that will keep you reading so you can find out whodunnit. Enjoy! I sure did!

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