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Muffin to Fear
Merry Muffin #5
Victoria Hamilton

July 25, 2017/ ISBN 9780425282595
Cozy Mystery

Reviewed by  Katrina Wiese


Merry and Virgil are back from their quickly planned, but equally romantic wedding and honeymoon to find that while they've been gone Phish has been in contact with a ghost hunting reality TV show, Haunt Hunt, starting Wynter Castle. As if having a squabbling cast and crew underfoot isn't bad enough, things get completely out of hand when two of the staff are found murdered. Now Merry and Virgil must put aside any romantic thoughts to get down to the core of what is going on behind the scenes...before their newlywed bliss becomes newlywed death.

I will start by saying that I have been reading this series from the very beginning and I have loved every single book. The characters are so well crafted and real. The murder mysteries are always well thought out and full of twists and turns, leaving you guessing right up until the end. And while I did enjoy this book, something felt off about the book in general. Usually in cozy mysteries you have the murder happen early in the book and from there on out the mystery must be solved. In this book the murder doesn't happen for awhile, which seemed to drag the book along, waiting for the action to begin. Once said action took place, the story picked up and I couldn't put it down. Having said that, I still enjoyed the book, and there were quite a few "ahh" moments between Merry and Virgil that I have been waiting a long time for, making it completely worth the read. I can't wait to see what the next book in the series will bring, as well as new recipes to dive into.

Reviewer Notes: Also writes the Vintage Kitchen and Teapot Collector mystery series. Victoria Hamilton and Amanda Cooper are pseudonyms of Donna Lee Simpson.

Reviewed 2017