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A Murder for the Books
Blue Ridge Library #1
Victoria Gilbert

Crooked Lane
12, 2017 / ISBN 978-1-68331-439-4

Reviewed by Laura Hinds 

Amy Webber is running the small library in Taylorsford, Virginia, where she is now living with her aunt. It is a quiet town in the mountains and is brimming with local history. She’s left her previous job after a romance with a colleague soured, leaving her hurt and humiliated.

There is an attractive man, Richard Muir, living in the house next door to her aunt, and Amy is determined not to fall for his charms, despite her Aunt Lydia’s obvious attempts at matchmaking. Richard wants to get to the bottom of an old mystery, in which the original owner of his house was poisoned, and the woman his great-uncle loved was accused of the murder.

That crime takes a temporary backseat, however, when modern-day murders begin happening in town, leaving residents panic-stricken. Amy and Richard’s research into the past, though, stirs up trouble, pointing to some of the town’s leading families, including Amy’s own, and it all seems connected to what happened generations ago.

This murder mystery is a breath of fresh air in the genre that is populated with many small-town librarians who sideline as amateur sleuths. Melding the past and the present, and adding romantic tension along with a hint of the paranormal can be a difficult balance for any author, but Victoria Gilbert has done a masterful job.

The dialogue is snappy enough to keep things rolling right along, and the characters are realistic and engaging. I enjoyed the Virginia setting, with enough details provided that I could picture Taylorsford clearly. The plot moves at the perfect pace, neither revealing too much, too soon or leaving readers overwhelmed with trying to sort clues and red herrings.

This is a December release and is available for pre-order now. I’d recommend ordering copies for holiday gifts, but don’t forget to get one for yourself! I love getting in on the start of a new series, especially one with as much potential as the Blue Ridge Library Mysteries, don’t you?

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