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A Murder for the Books [Review 2]
Blue Ridge Library #1
Victoria Gilbert

Crooked Lane Books
December 12, 2017/ ASIN: B072396C2L

Reviewed by Robin Thomas

A Murder for the Books is the debut novel in the Blue Ridge Library Series. Amy Webber moves in with her aunt who lives in Taylorsford, a small, quaint town in the mountains of Virginia. Amy leaves her job as a university librarian after a very public and embarrassing breakup with her boyfriend. She now manages the town’s public library, which is underfunded, needs updating but has no lack of personality thanks to its patrons.

Long buried town secrets are unearthed after Richard Muir moves into to the farmhouse he inherited from his great-uncle. According to town folklore, Eleanora Cooper poisoned her husband who was the original owner of the farmhouse. Eleanora was a known herbalist and considered a witch by some of the townspeople. There was a highly public murder trial and Eleanora disappeared after she was acquitted. Richard believes that Eleanora was innocent and is determined to clear her name. Amy has been investigating her own family history and offers to help Richard with his research. As they pour through the archival information, it becomes clear that there are many unanswered questions that still surround Eleanora’s trial. Amy and Richard learn that many of the town’s leading families were entangled in the mystery. Many of those buried secrets are entangled in Amy’s family tree.

Taylorsford is not about to give up these long-buried secrets easily. As Amy and Richard learn more about Eleanora and the trial, someone is silencing those who may have answers. All of a sudden Taylorsford becomes a very dangerous place to live as the body count goes up. Can Richard and Amy find out the truth about what happened in the past in time enough to find out who wants to put an end to their investigation?

Victoria Gilbert has crafted an intricate cozy mystery. She has woven together whodunits from the past and the present. She sprinkles in a bit of romance with the relationship between Richard and Amy. The author uses a large number of characters to tell the story, and this adds to the complexity of the plotline. What makes this book an interesting read is that it is not your basic cozy mystery. A Murder for the Books is a great start to a new series that has great promise.

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