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Murder in Mayfair
Atlas Catesby #1
D. M. Quincy

Crooked Lane
July 11, 2017/ ISBN 978-1-68331-225-3

Reviewed by  Laura Hinds


In 1814, Atlas Catesby is in England, recovering from a foot injury. He’s a world traveler and is not thrilled to have his explorations on hold while he heals. He and his friend, Gabriel Young, the Earl of Charlton, have retired to a pub for a much-needed drink when a commotion arises outside. It seems that a rather vile man is selling his wife to the highest bidder!

Atlas has a fondness for rescuing damsels in distress, and he purchases the wife to save her from a dastardly fate. Lilliana Warwick is distraught despite her rescue, because her husband is keeping their sons and she knows he won’t be kind to them. When Lilliana’s husband, Godfrey Warwick, is murdered, both Lillian and Atlas become suspects. They both had reason to kill the man. Atlas is determined to clear their names and, since he is particularly good at solving problems, he sets about to question anyone and everyone who knew the man.

Author D. M. Quincy has done a good job of setting the atmosphere of the English Regency period, and it is clear that she did a great deal of research The characters are well-drawn and fully developed, and the mystery is detailed and well-plotted.

I found the book to be entertaining and intriguing, and I did not solve the mystery of who the killer was before the author chose to reveal the truth. That is always a big plus for a reader who absorbs many mystery books each year.

If you are a fan of historical mysteries, you won’t want to miss this debut of a new series, which promises a bright future with the possibility of several more books.

Reviewed 2017