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Never Let You Go
Chevy Stevens

St. Martin’s Press
March 14, 2017/ ISBN 9781250034564
Psychological Suspense

Reviewed by Elise Cooper


Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens is a compelling read. It explores the brutality of domestic violence including obsession, entrapment, control, and manipulation. Readers will go through the same emotions with the characters of fear, love, and courage.

Stevens noted, “I guess I was influenced subconsciously by what happened in my personal life. My father who was a violent alcoholic abused my mother. As I was writing I found I was thinking back on things. There was this double side where I respected my mom and recognized the domestic violence, but I really loved my dad. Even though he had these really bad issues there was a part of him that was really great. As Sophie was talking to her father I would have a tingling sensation at the base of my neck thinking, ‘wow. I never got to say this to my dad.’ I think I was able through Sophie to speak with my dad. But I want to make it clear this was not an agenda book. This book is not my family’s story.”

More than anything this is a character driven novel. The strength of the story lies with the love story between a mother, Lindsey, and a child, Sophie. They were very likable, believable, and realistic, with their relationship taking center stage as Lindsey tries to insulate her daughter. The alternating narratives between Lindsey and Sophie allow the reader to get to know them and understand the emotional tug of war they are going through.

The author is hoping, “My biggest goal is to show that the cycle can be broken. I took young Sophie’s quirks from my daughter who is four. I hope I portrayed what my daughter and my relationship will grow into and maintain the closeness Lindsey had with Sophie as she turned eighteen.”

The plot begins with Lindsey, Sophie, and Andrew in Mexico on a vacation. It showcases how abusive and controlling Andrew can be as he uses emotional mind games to keep her in line. He shows her that she is powerless and to leave him would mean she would lose her daughter. Knowing that she must escape this malicious and violent individual for her and Sophie's well-being she risks all that are meaningful to escape. This led to a spiral of events that included Andrew going to jail. Now eleven years later, Lindsey and Sophie have built a new life. Unfortunately, shortly after Andrew is released from prison someone starts stalking Lindsey. Sophie has mixed emotions, because she has a loyalty to her mother, knowing of her father's abuse, but also wanting a relationship with her father.

Since Stevens also had an abusive dad she has memories of feeling as if she were in a tug of war between parents. "I also went back to visit my dad. Remember Andrew was never abusive to Sophie. As with Sophie I also felt I had my own needs and I wanted to have a relationship with my dad. It was very painful and challenging to write. On a day-to-day basis, both the fictional and real-life fathers could be great to their daughters until they were stressed and started drinking. It seems I am protective of these memories. I channeled my longing for a father into Sophie's feelings. The dads were clever and smart; yet, had massive anger issues that they could not control."

If this is the first book read by this author, it should not be the last. The author keeps the tension high and when the reader thinks they have figured out what is happening Stevens throws a curve ball with the many twists and turns.

Reviewed 2017