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Occult and Battery
Bay Island Psychic Mystery #2
Lena Gregory

April 4, 2017/ ISBN 978-0425282762
Cozy Mystery / Supernatural /Psychics / Amateur Sleuths

Reviewed by Linda Morelli  


It’s off-season on Bay Island, sales are way down and the forecast of a pending blizzard isn’t helping. Cass Donovan, concerned about the future of her psychic shop, Mystical Musings, agrees to provide psychic readings during a special event at a local haunted mansion recently purchased by the Wellington family, one Priscilla Wellington plans to turn into a B&B.

Cass enlists the help of her friends Stephanie Lawrence and Bee Maxwell. Bee takes time away from designing dresses to research hauntings on Bay Island, and especially the mansion’s history, then uses his unique talents to create an eerie atmosphere in preparation of the guests’ arrivals. Cass meets other members of the Wellington family and invitees, but is stunned when her ex-husband and his fiancée (her former best friend) arrive.

Later, when Cass conducts a séance, a ghostly apparition appears near the fireplace and startles everyone. Bee swears he had nothing to do with it, and Cass wonders if the mansion might truly be haunted. Soon the electricity fails due to the blizzard raging outside, and then a sudden scream pierces the air. One of the Wellingtons is found hanging from the mansion’s cupola. Now, they’re all trapped, and one of them is a murderer. Can Cass use her intuition to find the killer?

Bee is his charming and funny self, and Stephanie is a truly good friend. Stephanie's cop husband Tank provides sanity in a sea of uncertainty, and Cass’s boyfriend Luke makes a brief appearance. I just love Cass’s giant Leonberger puppy who definitely needs training. But my favorite character is Cass, a former psychiatrist who, after losing a patient to suicide, tries to help others through her psychic readings. She may not believe she’s psychic, but she is sensitive and observant to the point that I believe she just might be truly intuitive.

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