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Prayer for the Dead
Inspector McLean Mystery #5
James Oswald

Crooked Lane
February 14, 2017/ ISBN 978-1-68331-023-5
Police Procedural / British / Mystery

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


I am not usually one for this genre, but I’m glad I read “Prayer for the Dead.” James Oswald is an author who evidently knows his audience, knows his characters and is able to weave a strong mystery that will captivate new readers and draw us into his existing world of stories.

This is a police procedural that is creepy and evocative. Inspector McLean harbors his own secrets and when he decides to search for a missing journalist, at the behest of journalist Jo Dalgleish, he unearths more than he could have expected.

I’m not sure how much to share as I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just give my recommendation: if you aren’t afraid to be a little afraid, can enjoy a step or two into a different realm, please give yourself a chance to read this very well written book, which is the fifth in the Inspector McLean Series.

Reviewed 2017