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Pudding up with Murder
Undercover Dish #3
Julia Buckley

September 5, 2017/ ISBN 9780425275979
Cozy Mystery

Reviewed by  Katrina Wiese

Welcome back to Pine Haven, home to Lilah Drake, secret chef to many of the town's residents. In this book we are treated to a new cast of highly-entertaining characters surrounding Ellie's next door neighbor, Marcus Cantwell, an odd cranky millionaire holding a party to celebrate his 65th birthday. When Ellie asks Lilah to create a sweet rice casserole dish for her and to join her at the party with special invitation for Mick to join them, she didn't expect to find Marcus facedown in said rice casserole, dead. Now it is up to Lilah to figure out who wanted Marcus dead, before she finds herself in her own sticky situation.

Let me start off by stating that I love the titles in this series; The Big Chili, Cheddar Off Dead, and now, Pudding up with Murder, they are all clever with their play on food and words. Next, the cover. Isn't it artistically beautiful and vibrant? Of course, any book that has Mick on the cover in a birthday hat is an instant hit with me.

I love Julia Buckley's books; her writing style brings not only the characters to life but the town of Pine Haven as well. Lilah, Jay, Ellie and the entire cast of the Undercover Dish series are so well written and realistic. As the series continues, we see each character go through their own personal growth that ends up endearing you to each of them for different reasons, but none-the-less, rooting for each of them. I was happy to see the romance between Lilah and Jay evolve and deepen in this book. The mystery in the book was well-plotted, full of intrigue and suspense and left me guessing right up until the end. This was a quick read, that can be read as a standalone book, however you really will want to start at the beginning and read them in order.

My favorite part of Pudding up with Murder is the scrumptious dishes that Lilah creates throughout. And of course, the assortment of recipes listed in the back, inviting you to whip up a delicious treat in your own kitchen.

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Reviewer Notes: Also writes the Writer's Apprentice mystery series.

Reviewed 2017