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Silence of the Jams
Down South Cafe #2
Gayle Leeson

April 4, 2017/ ISBN 9781101990803
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth/Women Sleuth/Culinary

Reviewed by   Katrina Wiese


Welcome back to the Down South Cafe, where Amy Flowers has been settling in and getting used to not only owning the business, but running it as well. Everything about her business makes her happy, except for the Chamber President, George Lincoln, trying to get her to sell the Cafe to him so he can bulldoze and build a Bed & Breakfast. So when George keels over while eating at the Cafe, all fingers point to Amy as the suspect, and it is up to her to find the real killer before she serves up her last dish.

I have been anxiously waiting to get my hands on this book since I finished the first book in the series months ago. I couldn't wait to jump back to the Down South Cafe and catch up with Amy, Jackie, Ryan, Aunt Bess and the whole cast of the series. Gayle Leeson sure didn't disappoint with this book. It is packed with mystery and intrigue that will keep you guessing right through to the end. And speaking of ends, I think it came way too fast, but that could be because I hardly put it down once I started reading. To say that I was immediately hooked would be an understatement. I did peg the whodunit of the book. but I second and third guessed myself because I couldn't get the clues to add up correctly. The mystery and story were very well written and entertaining with plenty of southern charm. And of course, don't forget to check out the back of the book for some scrumptious southern recipes! The Fudgy Chocolate Cake and Strawberry Jam recipes are sure to delight your tastebuds and tummy!


Reviewed 2017