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So Long, Chief
Mike Hammer Series
Mulholland / Strand Magazine Short
Max Allan Collins, Mickey Spillane
Read by Christopher Ryan Grant

Hachette Audio
12/06/2016/ ASIN: B01MTNKMMS
Detective / Suspense / Short Story / Audiobook – 58 minutes

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Private Eye Mike Hammer visits his former police chief in the hospital. After the two have an eerie discussion, the Chief entrusts Mike with two objects. Shortly after, the Chief is murdered, which has Hammer confused because the old man was dying; why would anyone cut his life short by just a few hours? Hammer shows his secretary Velda the items he received and she gives him the possible reason for the murder. Hammer decides to run with it. It looks like Hammer is holding the key to a mystery, but where does he begin? Is the killer family, friend or foe?

Max Allan Collins and Mickey Spillane give fans a good old-fashion detective story. The authors give us a murder, possible suspects, a hero infatuated with his secretary, a close call or two, and a conclusion you’ll want to talk about. The storyline and Christopher Ryan Grant’s narration will take you back in time. All you have to do is sit back and savor it. Highly recommended.

Reviewed 2017