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The Templar Brotherhood
Lost Treasure of the Templars #3
James Becker

October 3, 2017/ ISBN 978-0-45-147397-4
Thriller / Spies & Politics / Conspiracies

Reviewed by Rick Morelli

The Templar Brotherhood is the third installment of the Lost Treasure of the Templars series that features the investigative duo of David Mallory and Robin Jessup as they probe into yet more secrets of the Knights Templar treasures and archives of the Middle Ages. This novel will interest both the readers of the series and new readers who find the historical aspects and mythology of the Knights Templars compelling and fascinating.

Blending historical background information and context with good old-fashioned adventure and mystery, the duo works to decode and analyze a potentially provocative document retrieved in Switzerland under extreme circumstances. While working to decode the document, the duo’s adversaries work to stop the duo’s efforts and preserve the document’s secrets.

What I like about the book was its fast pace of bad guys (those wanting to preserve the document’s secrets) chasing the good guys (the intrepid duo), car chases through the scenic British countryside and small towns, providing historical Knights Templar background context as the story unfolds, and successfully sustaining the mystery until the very end. The lure of the Knights Templar still attracts a core group of readers not so much for what and who the Templars actually were, but more for the mystery and myths of the Knights and their controversial importance and impact in Middle Age Europe.

Reviewed 2017