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Kindle County #10
Scott Turow
Read by Wayne Pyle

Hachette Audio
05/16/2017/ ISBN 9781478926917
Legal Thriller / Audiobook –Unabridged / 14 hours and 18 minutes
Note: strong language and mature scenes

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks 

“When Generals steal they are heroes. When Gypsies steal they’re thieves." –Testimony, Scott Turow

Attorney Bill ten Boom went through a midlife crisis, of sorts. He divorced his wife, left the US legal system and entered international law. He’s still good friends with his ex-wife, who remarried, and speaks to his sons every week. Boom is sought out and asked to take an international case that goes back ten years. It involves missing Romina refugees in Bosnia. Boom eventually ends up in International Criminal Court questioning the only witness, Ferko. During the investigation Boom gets physical with Ferko’s attractive attorney, Esma, and he becomes good friends with military personnel, Atilla Doby. She’s a foul-mouthed Sergeant Major with a big personality. Boom seems distracted by the conditions in Bosnia, those he thinks he can trust, and those he’s sure he can’t. Boom is determined to find out who killed refugee gypsies. Was it the Americans or the Bosnians?

Legal thrillers can be fascinating, and international plots are the perfect escape. Turow gives readers/listeners a complex storyline with diverse characters; some are likeable and some are not. During the investigation we are reminded of the Bosnia war and the chaos that ensued afterward. Don’t let it bog you down or let it interfere with the court scene and the discovery. Pay attention to this complicated whodunit and see if your personal prediction is right.

If you’re looking for a fascinating International legal thriller in the unabridged audio version, then Scott Turow’s Testimony is for you. Voice actor Wayne Pyle delivers the storyline without hesitation and the various dialects with ease. Pyle narrates other Hachette audiobooks, including Patterson’s Bookshot titles, Hidden and Malicious.

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