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The Fix
Amos Decker Series #3
David Baldacci
Read by Kyf Brewer

Hachette Audio
04/18/2017 / ISBN 9781478930020
Thriller / Federal Law Enforcement / Audiobook – Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


The Memory Man is back. Amos Decker is not your average Suspense novel hero. Decker is 6’5, overweight and average looking. Personal upkeep is the last thing on his mind. However, Decker is truly unique; he has a perfect memory and he sees life and death in colors. In this storyline, Decker mentions he’s working out more and trying to get fit. With two cases under his belt and a regular job with the FBI, it looks like Decker is ready to move on with his life. The Fix starts with Amos Decker heading to the J Edgar Hoover building. Decker witnesses the strangest murder, and it’s not the method of the killings but the outcome after that blows him away. Decker shifts from witness to investigator during this case. Decker’s partner Alex joins him in the investigation, first. Then he gains a second partner named Harper, once they discover another Government agency is involved in the case. The killing looks like a murder/ suicide, until Decker visits a Hospice where the victim volunteered and then he visits the shooter’s family. Decker and Alex gather clues – and enemies - as they investigate the shooting. The case takes some fascinating turns and reveals some deep connections. Decker and his partners don’t know it but their investigation is leading to a deadly showdown.

The Fix is a complex storyline with a suspenseful narration by Kyf Brewer. The storyline is less about car chases, explosions, and shoot outs, and more about conversation, clues, spies, top-secret meetings and collaboration. If you’re wanting to challenge your sleuthing skills, Balducci’s The Fix will do just that.

Reviewed 2017